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Congratulations on Precisioner signed the agreement with TexelQ US!

Date:2020-01-17 Hits:236

On January 6, 2020, Precisioner signed the manufacturing and sales representation agreement with TexelQ US, and TexelQ US has become Preciseioner's customer development agent in certain areas of the United States.

Left: TexelQ US   Right: Precisioner

TexelQ US has been cooperating with Precisioner since August 2017 and has maintained a good cooperative relationship. During the cooperation,  Precisioner provided TexelQ US with optimized die designs and many sets of die-casting molds, which solved many of the die casting production issues.

On January 6, 2020, TexelQ US and Precisioner signed an agreement in Shenzhen, China. TexelQ US is responsible for the development of contracted customers in the United States and provide better service.

Left: TexelQ US   Right: Precisioner

The win-win cooperation between Precisioner and TexelQ US will increase sales and promote the brand in the United States. More importantly, it shows the customer's trust and recognition.

This year is first year of our second decade, Precisioner is in a stage of rapid development. This cooperation will be the first big step of our new stage. Precisioner will alway doing our best to provide faster and better service to our customer.

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