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Thank you very much for your fast reaction and support.


We want to thank you for the hard work you have put into getting this tool done so quickly, the sample parts look very good.

You always have the quotes back to me in a timely manner and your pricing is great.

Precisioner’s quotes have always been delivered to us in a timely manner, including this one.

The samples look very good and our customer is happy with them. We are now presenting to our customer for approval.

I have a positive impression of your tooling quality and pricing.

Pictures from die testing look very nice.

Please give my thanks to the engineer that worked on this, he’s a very smart guy, good engineer!

The pricing and delivery are good. I’m sending a quote to the customer.


Great job by team Precisioner.Congratulations,keep this up.

South Africa

About your quotation, this is very useful, thank you for your initiative.


Thank you very much for provided information.

I am impressed from your company. Looks well established company with great capabilities to build quality mold.


We are really so impressive with the fast response and support.Please say thank you to your team of our part. We are really amazing with the costumer service. I really wish that I could have a team like that.

Yesterday in the night we made the first samples everything looks very well. Please say thanks to your team they made a very good job


Very good drawing, Project approved!

The result look’s very good! Congratulation!

Thank you for the material. The samples look’s really good.

Congratulation, the videos are really good. The tools worked well.

Congratulations, the result is really good. Trimming tool approved.


Thanks for the info about your company, especially impressed me the speed of supply that you specified at point 3.

We also produce Die casting molds in our factory, but I must admit that we are not so effective


We have been very pleased with your service and your infrastructures and equipments.

Your company would be the first mold partner in China.


In my view Precisioner has in the past been supportive, efficient, punctual and above all honest.


You know that I have confidence in you and I think I'm showing it; I firmly believe that together we can develop a good business profitable for both of us, and that it will give us not only economic results and competitiveness for our companies, but also professional fulfillment along with satisfying human relationships.


I look forward to finally working with you and the team at Shenzhen Precisioner.

I would ideally like to take the opportunity on this visit to approve the tool design.

I would also like to come visit when the tool / s are ready for the first trial runs.

New Zealand

I must thank you and Louis for your hospitality during our visit and we were very impressed with your toolmaking capability.


I must thank you and Louis for your hospitality during our visit and we were very impressed with your toolmaking capability.