Talent recruitment

01 Die Casting Die Design Engineer


1.Responsible for specific mold design implementation;

2.Responsible for develop Bom list;

3.Responsible for processing design which customers require to modify;

4.Participate in design review.

02 Technical Representatives

Location:Europe -  Germany


1.Rich experienced(20 years+) in die cast tool making industry, have experience in designing and manufacturing of die casting die will be preferred.

2.Male or female is either ok, as long as full-time job and energetic.

3.Adapt to business travel a lot, love business travel is the best.

4.Well-known and good reputation in the circle of local tooling making.

5.Outgoing and open-minded.


1.Start an office as our representative. This representative will periodically follow up with the status of our delivered dies.

2.Once customer have demand, he can reach in a short time, solve small challenge on site, and provide idea, suggestion or even solution for big issue.

3.Responsible for processing design which customers require to modify;Collect information on site and report back to Precisioner as necessary.

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