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Mold Service

Date:2017-03-01 18:15
Mold Service

Precisioner provides mold maintenance such as mold repair, mold rebuilding, mold refurbishment and other die casting mold maintenance services.

We dedicated to provides the customer with full services of die casting mold, with products and services including: design optimization scheme of die-casting piece, analysis plan of budget program, prototype of conceptual product, rapid prototype mold, formal mass production mold, supporting trim die, small batch products, and mold maintenance, repair, modification, refurbishment and other services.

We are fully focus on die casting mold itself, rather than any available services for mass production of die casting piece.

Thanks to a team of 17 project engineers and 12 designers with more than 10 years’ experiences under strict review system, our sales can present a sound and quick turn around on pro phase design, just have a look at our project data, you will know there is always a good answer from us for your specific part.

Thanks to a team of 50 site workers and expanding capacity from our second workshop, T1 date is always the internal law, we can’t fail by even a single day, just check with our customers, you will get the answer.

Thanks to support and trust from our customers all over the world, our exported sales achieves the nuclear fusion from 0 to 8 million US dollars in two years, yearly staff turnover rate is less than 3%, customer turnover rate is 0%.

We promise, we achieve, customer witnesses and spreads.