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Die Casting Machine

Type: UBE 650T

Clamping force: 1650tons
Tiebar clearance: 1500*1300mm
Casting force (Max): 1295KN
Casting speed: 0.1~10m/s
Casting weight (Max): 35KG (AL)

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    1. With center press technology, an equal clamping force is distributed through out the die. It reduces flash, exert an effect on low pressure casting & reducing clamping force.

    2. Cut unnecessary consumed power by stopping motor during unloading of pump.This feature is more effective for the product which requires longer cycle time by more cooling and spray time.

    3. Adoption of Servo motor driven valve which is die casting environment proof. Tremendous improvement of contamination resistance.

    4. Modeling clamp unit and shot unit. Through high level CAE (ADVC), movement of shot unit is quantitatively-analyzed.

    5. Optimally-designed injection D shape frame brings longer life of tip & sleeve.

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