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Die Spotting Machine


Table size: 2200*1800mm

Mold opening space: 2300mm

Clamping force: 300tons

Mold opening force: 56tons

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    1. The guide stem elastic template design improves the precision of high pressure die assembly, makes the parallel adjustment of template more convenient.

    2. Practical and reliable failure inspection, alarm, and low pressure mold protection function.

    3. Four spotting oil pumps, balance the stress during high pressure spotting, and reduce deformation coefficient.

    4. Equipped with mechanical safety protection device.

    5. The active parts of the machine are installed with graphite copper sleeve guide, no oil lubrication, so the machine is cleaner.

    6. Reliable and practical failure inspection, alarm, and low pressure protection functions.

    7. The lower stage is equipped with high precision locating device and riser.

    8. The moving clamp plate adopts MTS digital readout inspection, the position is more accurate.

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