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X-ray Measuring Machine

Type: X-ray Global XT 7600-160KV

Measuring range: 500*500*700mm

Penetrable thickness (max): 2400l/mm(Al/Mg)

Detection precision (min): 0.14mm

Bearing: 75KG

Radiation leakage: <0.5μGy/h

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    1. The measurement range is 500*500*700mm, the maximum penetration thickness of magnesium-aluminum alloy castings is 85mm, and the platform load-bearing capacity is 75KG.

    2. The equipment can detect defects such as fracture, shrinkage, porosity, air bubbles, trachoma, slag inclusion, etc., which are not less than 0.14mm (verified by a 50mm standard image quality meter).

    3. The X-ray transmitter is the United States VJ integrated ray tube, and the flat panel detector is the NDT1717M model of the United States IRAY.

    4. X-ray transmitter parameters are: tube voltage 160KV, tube current 3.0mA, single focus 0.5mm.

    5. The parameters of the flat panel detector are: effective field of view size 430*430mm, system resolution 3.6Lp/mm, image sensitivity ≦1.0%, pixel size 139µm, pixel matrix 3072*3072.

    6. Radiation leakage <0.5μGy/h.

    Quantity: 1

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