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Precisioner's independent research application has been admitted
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Lead: On Jul. 26, 2016, Precisioner’s application for two new utility model patents through the independent research and development has been formally admitted by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Mold industry is a technical industry, therefore, the production of each set of mold is equivalent to the research and development process of a new product, and technology is the fundamental foundation in this industry.

Since the establishment, Precisioner pays continuous attention to the construction of technical capacity, constantly accumulates the technical experience and knowledge in the design and production of die-casting mold, proactively promote the standardized construction, and protects and carries forward its own technology by the constant patent application.

The Project Department is Precisioner’s core technology department that undertakes the top technology design of each set of mold and also the technology of Precisioner’s patent application. In the first half year of 2016, Engineer Hao of Project Department sorted out the technical data about two new utility model patents - high-performance die-casting mold and punching mold of preventing edge shortage, and submitted the patent application.

On Jul. 26, 2016, according to Article 28 under the Patent Law and Article 38 and 39 under its Implementing Rules, these two utility model patents of Precisioner were formally admitted by the State Intellectual Property Office.

Technical construction is a long-term project and we never slack off.

Notes: On Jun. 19, 2015, Precisioner has officially passed the national hi-tech enterprise authentication.

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