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Precisioner Purchased Die-casting Machine - Enhancing Independent Mold Testing Ability
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Lead: In Aug. 2015, Precisioner purchased two L.K. cold chamber die casting machines (respectively 500 tons and 800 tons), which covers the gap in failure to carry out independent mold testing.

The internal and external quality of die-casting piece depends on the die-casting production process parameters including molten metal temperature, die casting pressure, speed, speed switching point and others, which is also closely related to the mold design and production. The factors to the mold quality include the number of cavity, design of pouring system, type (location and size) of pouring gate, structure of casting piece, etc. Further, it is necessary to carry out the testing of the finished mold to avoid the casting defect caused by the mold design and at the same time carry out the inspection and correction of some problems in the mold production.

Mold testing is to carry out the actual inspection of the mold use and find out the proper die-casting production process parameters and mold improvement scheme. For a long time, Precisioner’s mold testing operation has been relying on the external resources, with the defect in timeliness and control as well as the high cost.

In Aug. 2015, Precisioner purchased two L.K. cold chamber die casting machines - IMPRESS-III series DCC500 and IMPRESS-III series DCC800. With the professional technicians, Precisioner realized the independent test of 500-800- ton mold.

It is understood that L.K. IMPRESS-III series model possesses the advanced injection, mold locking and control performance, and is applicable to the manufacturing of the automobile and motorcycle parts, industrial/road lamp shells, building material parts and other nonferrous metal die-casting piece products, which further promotes our  development and production of die-casting molds in these fields.

Notes: Precisioner only specializes in the development and production of die-casting mold, and the die-casting machine purchased doesn't provide the batch production service of die-casting pieces.

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