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Precisioner newly received two utility model patents
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Lead: Precisioner independently developed two new utility model patents- "Trim die which can prevent short fill at ingate location", "High-performance die casting mold", which were officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO) in November 2016. We received two utility model patents certificate formally in January 2017.

On November. 16, 2016, Precisioner’ s new utility model patent - "Trim die which can prevent short fill at ingate location " was officially authorized by the SIPO.(Patent NO.: CN 201620795210). The core of this patent is adding a padding block at the bottom of the biscuit can effectively prevent the short fill at ingate location, improve die casting production efficiency and the quality of castings. For more details please click https://www.google.com/patents/CN205834161U?cl=en&hl=zh-CN

On November. 21, 2016, Precisioner’ s new utility model patent- "High performance die casting mold" was officially authorized by the SIPO (Patent NO.: CN 201620795461). The core of this patent is installing a floating punch pin with spring at the bottom of the feature of Kiss-off hole will be cored by Cover die. It is really helpful for molds that castings may stick to the Cover die because the tension of spring will ensure the casting remain on the Ejector die. For more details please click https://www.google.com/patents/CN205835840U?cl=en

Here are the the authorization notices and the patent certificates:

Notes: On Jun. 19, 2015, Precisioner has officially passed the national hi-tech enterprise authentication. On Jul. 26, 2016, Precisioner’s application for two new utility model patents through the independent research and development has been formally admitted by the SIPO.

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