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Precisioner visit GTMC on site management
Time: 2017-07-21 views: 762 Keywords:Precisioner news,die casting mold,workshop development

Lead: On July 11th afternoon, Precisioner organized 49 employees visiting the GTMC as a die casting mold manufacturer.

We visit the Assembly Shop and the Environment Pavilion.

The assembly workshop is the last major process for the five major manufacturing processes (stamping, welding, painting, molding, assembly) of the automobile, which is responsible for the auto parts assembling. It adopts the SPS parts sorting system, separates the parts area and the assembly area, which makes the production line simple. In the meantime, GTMC introduces the advanced installation systems to achieve "automated" assembly and production. (Photos are not allowed taken on this part)

Built at April 2013, the Environment Pavilion is the first environmental theme museum, covering 550 square meters. There we can see the advanced environmental technology and equipment of GTMC.

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Notes: This is our first time to go out and visit in this way, and we will continue to communicate with other great companies to keep ourselves open in enterprise management in all aspects.
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