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Lean Production Application in Precisioner
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Lean Production (LP), also known as Lean Manufacturing (Lean Manufacturing), is derived from Toyota production System (TPS).

It is a production way that aims to minimize the occupied resources and lower the company running costs. It is also a management philosophy, a company culture and in essence, a kind of production management technology. The core is how to achieve minimal waste and maximize mobility.

In September 2017, our Long-term improvement Dept. manager Mr. Yu had a training meeting of LP, explaining the type of waste and how to eliminate it. The participants included all the engineers of Manufacturing Dept., Quality Dept. and Project Dept..

Company staff is the enterprise's valuable wealth and LP concept is throughout the entire production and manufacturing processes. Therefore, making company staff understood LP’s advantages and they will apply it to daily job by themselves. This is the best way to achieve the target of LP (lower cost, improve quality, shorten delivery time) and continuously improve customer satisfaction and company competitive advantages.

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