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Precisioner got five more new utility model patents
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Lead: On December 2017, the five more new utility model patents Precisioner independently developed were officially authorized by the State Intellectual Property Office (SIPO).

Precisioner submitted five applications in April 2017, which were officially authorized by the SIPO during October to November the same year. The five utility model patents are: “die casting mold with side core” (the certification will be sent by the end of this month), “casting mold without draft angle” (Patent NO. CN206717002U), “the die casting mold with the structure for rapid pull-off” (Patent NO. CN206717004U), “mold with the structure for quick change of shift stamp” (Patent NO. CN 206717003U), “mold with quick cleaning system” (Patent NO. CN206718330U).

So far Precisioner has had 7 new utility model patents. By the way, another two invention patent applications are now being audited.

Notes: Precisioner will have the review and certification of the national high-tech enterprises by April 2018, in which you can check our research and invention capability systematically.

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