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Precisioner’s held the first large-scale safety exercise of 2018
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In order to increase the staff safety awareness, improve the self-help capacity and better cope with various safety incidents, the company held a full participation fire and safety drills in the first month of 2018, which shows our greatest emphasis on safety production.

After the fire drills, Precisioner conducted safety training sessions and accident drills for each department, showing staff each potential accident at each post and how to get out of it.

Safety training of hazardous chemicals usage

Safety training of die casting mold trial process

The Safety training about crane trolley

Safety accident role play: when your eyes are hurt by glue

Safety accident role play: when your mouth get hurt while tapping

Safety accident role play: when your arms get hurt while mold assembly

Safety accident role play: inappropriate Supplier delivery process

Safety accident role play: inappropriate behavior of external decoration workers

Safety accident role play: inappropriate dressing

After the safety training sessions and accident drills, Precisioner organized all employees to watch the video of safety incident education, the video of the evacuation drills and showed the potential safety hazards found during the daily 5S audit to further consolidate the safety knowledge and enhance the safety awareness of all employees.

Furthermore, the Administration Dept. arranged learning part of the fire prevention and how to use fire-fighting equipment, which included how to call the police, how to use fire extinguishers, how to use fire hydrants and fire hose, how to use the fire rope to escape, and how to provide first aid for the wounded. Fire extinguishers and fire hose which use outside the park security staff guidance to complete. All guys take turns studying and take the initiative to the practical operation.

The usage of fire extinguishers, fire hydrants and fire hose

At the end of this safety drill, Precisioner announced the establishment of Safety Emergency Organization. Safety Emergency Organization includes communication group, alert group, rescue team, evacuation team and first aid team, which are respectively managed by company's department managers and team leaders. Professional training will be provided to safety organization personnel from time to time to ensure their professional emergency skills continuously.

The Safety Emergency Organization

Safety Production is always our priority. In 2018, Precisioner will continue the 5S methodology management and monthly safety training, committed to making safety behavior a conscious act so as to fundamentally eliminate accidents.

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