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Precisioner’s large-scale safety drill of 2019
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--Safety first, Prevention first.

On March 14, 2019, Precisioner organized a safety drill at the factory in Shenzhen. The safety drill was divided into three parts -- escape drill, practical drill, and fire equipment usage. Precisioner set up an emergency organization last year to ensure the staffs safety. The emergency organization includes communication team, alert team, rescue team, evacuation team, and first aid team.

At 1:40 PM, the alarm bell sounded and the alert team conducted the escape route. The evacuation team leaded all the people to escape to a safe place. The fastest escape time is 3 seconds, which is 5 seconds less than in 2018. At the same time, the first aid team carried out emergency treatment.

Emergency Muster

First Aid

The whole team was divided into three learning groups. The staff could learn safe and complete processes. The practical drill included the attention of iron drums, the standard of protective equipment, overturning mold, operating of the traveling crane and forklift, safety in the grinder area, electrical safety, machine usage , and maintenance.

Protective Equipment Travelling Crane

Electrical Safety

Machine Usage and Maintenance

Safety in the Grinder Area

After the practical drill, it was the drill of fire equipment usage, which contained correct alarm, wrapping, safety rope, and fire equipment.

Bind up

Safety Rope

Fire Hose

Fire Extinguisher

To enhance the learning, Precisioner organized five competitive games, which included safety common sensesafety ropewrappingextinguishingand fire hose connection. And the winner group would get a gift.

Winning Group

In the end, Steven, deputy general manager of the company, summed up the drill.

Exercise Summary

We will do our best to ensure safe production in the future.

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