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Precisioner signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement

Precisio<em></em>ner signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement

We are thrilled to announce that Precisioner and Dongguan Polytechnic have officially signed an industry-university-research cooperation agreement. This collaboration aims to leverage the strengths of both sides, promote scientific and technological innovation, enhance teaching quality and research capabilities, and achieve mutual benefits and a win-win situation.

In today's era, industry-university-research cooperation has become crucial for the common development of enterprises and education. Precisioner and the Polytechnic understand the importance of close collaboration to better serve enterprises and meet the needs of industrial development. Thus, we have established a long-term and stable cooperative relationship based on complementary advantages.

This cooperation will capitalize on the Polytechnic's excellence in talent, research theory, scientific capabilities, and technology, combined with Precisioner's comprehensive strength in research and development, facilities, and experimental production. Together, we will undertake research and development projects to expedite the transformation of scientific outcomes and continuously enhance our technological prowess and management practices.

Through this partnership, we aim to build an innovation system within the industry-university-research alliance and establish a long-lasting and stable cooperative relationship. This endeavor will not only benefit both organizations but also have a positive impact on the entire industry and society. We firmly believe that the goal of "school-enterprise cooperation, industry-university win-win" will be successfully achieved.

In the future, Precisioner and the Polytechnics will continue to work hand in hand, exploring more collaboration opportunities and making significant contributions to scientific and technological innovation and social progress.
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