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Precisioner Shines at the 2024 SEA Die Casting Congress
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Amidst the tropical charm of May, Precisioner headed south to Bangkok, Thailand, from May 15th to 17th, showcasing at the 2024 SEA Die Casting Congress. They gathered alongside key players from OEMs, die casting companies, and solution providers from China, Japan, Europe, and Southeast Asia, jointly participating in the vibrant Southeast Asia die casting industry event.

the 2024 SEA Die Casting Congress,Vibrant presence of Precisioner's exhibition team

(Image: Vibrant presence of Precisioner's exhibition team)

On May 16th, Precisioner's exhibition team, exuding enthusiasm and professionalism, attracted the attention of many attendees. They presented the latest designs, processing technologies, and product cases of aluminum, magnesium, and zinc alloy die casting molds, engaging in in-depth technical discussions and business networking with visiting clients.

In-depth exchanges between Precisioner's representatives and clients

(Image: In-depth exchanges between Precisioner's representatives and clients)

For over a decade, Precisioner has built a robust customer network in more than 30 countries worldwide, accumulating rich experience in mold design and manufacturing. Proficient in international standards and possessing several proprietary core technologies, Precisioner is equipped with advanced production and testing equipment. The company is dedicated to driving precise design and efficient production through technological innovation.

Precisio<em></em>ner Shines at the 2024 SEA Die Casting Congress

Scenes from the 2024 SEA Die Casting Congress

(Image: Scenes from the 2024 SEA Die Casting Congress)

The congress, themed "Leading the Integrated Die Casting Development of New Energy Vehicles," is the first highly professional and influential industry summit in Southeast Asia to combine new energy vehicles and die casting technology.

the 2024 SEA Die Casting Congress: Industrial visit group photo

(Image: Industrial visit group photo)

On May 17th, over forty experts from Precisioner embarked on a visit to the Lohjong Industrial Park in Thailand. With meticulous arrangements at the park's operating center, the industrial visit group not only engaged in profound industry exchanges but also visited numerous advanced manufacturing enterprises within the park, laying a solid foundation for future collaborations.

precisio<em></em>ner earnestly invites die casting colleagues worldwide to stay connected

As the die casting congress successfully concluded, Precisioner not only gained valuable industry insights but also expanded further into the Southeast Asian market. The company earnestly invites die casting colleagues worldwide to stay connected, share technological advancements, collaborate to create more opportunities, and collectively drive the green development and technological innovation of the die casting industry.

Although Precisioner's journey in Thailand has come to an end, the stories of collaboration and innovation are just beginning. Looking forward to the near future, walking alongside more industry partners, exploring the unknown, and together forging brilliance.

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