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Base CMA4

Part Material: ADC12

Part Size L*W*H(mm): 48.3*116.1*30.7

Industry: Petroleum

Application: Protective Cover

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    1. The castings structure is quite complicated. That’s why we design the following mold and sliders’ structure in this project, which is different from the traditional ways.

    2. This mold is formed by 5 hydraulic cylinders.

    3. There are long slides insert holes and three cast-in inserts in the ejector die, one of which is inside the casting part.

    No. of Cavities: 1*8

    No. of Sliders: 0

    Die casting machine: 560T/750T

    Mold Size(mm): 820*540*545

    Build Time: 30 days

    Tel: +86 755-2344 8600

    Fax:+86 755-2344 8601

    Email: info@precisioner.com

+(86)-0755-2344 8600