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Bearing Carrier Propeller

Part Name: Bearing Carrier Propeller

Part Material: A380

Part Size L*W*H(mm): 140.8*151.8*153.3

Industry: Mechanical and electrical

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    1. The project belongs to automobile molds. The air tightness requirements of the product are relatively strict, and the upper mold plan adopts the plan of bottoming at the wall thickness position to reduce the post-treatment process of the product surface.

    2. The crystallizer water inlet, slag discharge and cooling system of this project are designed reasonably, which effectively guarantees the yield of the product.

    3. After testing, the air-tightness and stability of the auto cover die-casting and the strength and wear resistance of the casting fully meet the standard requirements of auto parts.

    No. of Cavities: 1*1

    No. of Sliders: 2

    Structure: 2-plate die

    Die casting machine: 400T

    Mold Size(mm): 700*600*560

    Build Time: 40 calendar days

    Tel: +86 755-2344 8600

    Fax:+86 755-2344 8601

    Email: info@precisioner.com

+(86)-0755-2344 8600