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Part Material: ADC12

Part Size L*W*H (mm): 122.32*164*103.88

Industry: Automotive

Application: Filter

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    This project is including 8 sliders totally. There is relatively big angle holes need to be achieved by the sliders on moving half. This big anglemakes it more important to keep the slider be stable and the slider insert pin will not be returned. As shown, in this case, we apply to hydraulic and mechanical sliders, using the mechanical force to fix the slider structure. After testing and verifying, in this way, the mold can be running stably. It achieved our expected result. We can reduce the porosity in castings for forming all the holes.

    No. of Cavities: 1*1

    No. of Sliders: 8

    Structure: 2-plate die

    Die casting machine: 800T-950T

    Mold Size (mm): 812*650*759

    Build Time: 52 days

    Tel: +86 755-2344 8600

    Fax: +86 755-2344 8601

    Email: info@precisioner.com

+(86)-0755-2344 8600